Thursday, November 16, 2017

A Word From Aaron Johnson: Going Back To Publishing Books

Hi everybody,
I was minding my own business... writing my other books. I haven't posted on this blog for a long while. I was currently working with my other projects, such as my websites where I write online content that is currently being fixed up for the purpose of cleaning up all of the mess on my website,--after I migrated my posts from Blogger to my own site. I do have a plan to sell my own ebooks on my own website, and still rely on publishing platforms to keep publishing my books. I have to take a break from publishing via these platforms because, my machine's screen-reader has been breaking down, and it won't recognize elements on a publishing platform website itself. Up to 5 years; I was using my Chromebook as my primary computer to write books, and other uses. what I just realized... my machine is about to break down oevertime, and begin to fall apart. And I do have a plan to get me a newer computer, and trade in my older unit to enable it to get a next life,--instead of throwing it in the trash.

I'm about to go back to publishing books, but I do need your support from you to keep me publishing new content in the future.

Just wondering why I was taking a break from publishing books? I was building my websites, and finding out ways to keep publishing my books. What I just realized, My favorite self-publishing Platform, Draft2Digital isn't blind accessible just yet, and I was still experimenting with a screen-reader, Chromevox as I try my best to publish my books. If Draft2Digital didn't have accessibility, I'll be missing out on publishing new books.

You can support my projects what I'm currently publishing by donating via PayPal, so I can keep publishing new content, and keep my blog and my other websites running.

Monday, September 15, 2014

New E-book: Wilfred & Nancy and the New House

Hello readers! I've just returned here to present my new E-book: "Wilfred & Nancy and the New House" and I've just finally finished it.

I was currently fixing my book because, I've edited some of these paragraphs that need to be fixed.

Monday, September 1, 2014

New E-book: The Magic of the Merry-Go-Round Creatures

Hello all readers, I've just came back to this blog because, I'm done writing my E-book. I was doing this for a long while.

This E-book what i'm presenting to you is: The Magic of the Merry-Go-Round Creatures!

Monday, July 28, 2014

New E-book: Wilfred & Nancy

About a month ago, I written a book, Wilfred & Nancy". This is my first ever E-book what I just published about a month ago.

This is a short story, but it doesn't have graphics because, I don't have any scanners to convert my artwork to a digital graphic. Anyway, I experimented using my imagination to write this story with text only.

It took a long time for me to finish my work. However, I'm still fixing and updating my currently published E-book.