Monday, July 28, 2014

New E-book: Wilfred & Nancy

About a month ago, I written a book, Wilfred & Nancy". This is my first ever E-book what I just published about a month ago.

This is a short story, but it doesn't have graphics because, I don't have any scanners to convert my artwork to a digital graphic. Anyway, I experimented using my imagination to write this story with text only.

It took a long time for me to finish my work. However, I'm still fixing and updating my currently published E-book.

Highlights Of This Book:

Imagine you had a pet mouse that is larger than a rat, but it grew so big, you can even ride it!

Although, mice are intellegent creatures, well they can make great pets, that applies to fancy mice.

Via my book, this story takes place in the city, at the apartment building; Wilfred & Nancy; Wilfred was a little boy, he doesn't have any friends. He was just playing with his toys, but their just toys! He watched some open-source movies on his VCR because, his parents' TV subscription service has been discontinued. Open-source versions are only available.

Wilfred wanted to have a pet as a friend,--after he learned an idea from other people at the mall. Well, his parents told him a catch if he had a pet dog, or cat. His father told him about an issue that happen to him, telling Wilfred a story about a corrupted police dog that bit him years ago. His mother is allergic to cats. Wilfred had an idea to have a pet mouse as a friend.His parents took him to his aunt's house to choose a pet mouse, and named her, Nancy.

Nancy is smart enough to stay close to her owner, and avoid electrical outlets,--claiming most mice has been electrocuted by these devices. If your mouse is smart as her, she can avoid these traps and outlets.

Nancy is a white fancy mouse, she can do things what other mice can't do! She has the ability to toss glue traps, and other mouse-traps. If your pet mouse did this trick to remove these traps,--even baited ones, she can able to save other mice as pets. Since Wilfred's mother doesn't use traps, she believed mice are great creatures. But her landlord doesn't like mice in his building. His mother told him not to harm Wilfred's pet mouse because, that's his pet! However, Nancy is smart enough to avoid these cruel traps at all costs.

Author's Note:

My E-books will be updated overtime,--whenever I'm fixing mistakes, adding new paragraphs,or inserting links. In some cases, I will add new chapters.

Changes & updates (also includes content fixes)

  • Fixed main content of an E-book.
  • Expanded paragraphs for longer reading.
  • Fixed the copyright page,--where the link to the creative commons license is located.
  • Fixed the alignment,--where most of the text has been centered, realigned to left for easier reading.
  • Fixed some mispelled words, and other grammar issues.

My E-book Can Be Found At:

If you found some new issues with my work, please let me know by leaving comments on this post.

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