Wednesday, February 20, 2019

[Development] Johnson Poetry Compilations

I'm proud to announce a development of the Johnson Poetry Compilations. This is an upcoming project for the first book being developed. All poetry compilations will be published on select vendors.

What does it mean for some readers

Each compilation is going to have activities after each poem in a large poetry compilation. Each theme is going to have at least 10 poems. That means; a list of poems will be posted on each theme to enable readers to jump to any poem in any theme.

All Johnson Poetry Compilations are going to be licensed under a Creative Commons license to enable reuse. That means; this book can be remixed by anyone around the world.

What to expect

Every poetry compilation is going to have a nightly theme to match times of reading books at night.

Each poem is going to receive partial updates to fix errors, add new poems, and expand existing poems,--and add new themes. Keep in mind; updates are posted when updates are needed.

A set of over 100 or more poems may be contained on a first book. If a book is being updated, you may need to check for an updated copy of this book.

To enable users to read with additional functionality; I'm going to publish these books as DRM-Free as a way to enable users to freely read this book without needing to rely on expensive software, and rely on complex software to read books.

Be on a lookout for any of my books being published as I work with this project. Feedback is always welcome. Please your feedback by leaving comments on this post.

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