Sunday, March 3, 2019

New Ebook: The PBJ Touch

I'm proud to release a new ebook, "The PBJ Touch". This is a public domain ebook what I've written from scratch. And this is a Fairytale story what I just made up.

I heard of a golden touch, cookie touch, a cryon touch, but what about a PBJ touch. Why I wrote this Fairytale because of the following:

  • I read a book about King Midas when I was at school. Although; he wished anything he touched is gold, and this wish has a major drawbacks like; aren't able to eat any food, turning anything into gold, and other drawbacks.
  • This Fairytale is told in different ways; I was watching a Sesame Street episode about the Cookie Monster who wished anything he touched is a cookie, and Elmo has wished anything he touched is a crayon.

Although; we know the moral of this story when making wishes. You should always be careful what you wish for.

Get This Ebook

This ebook is exclusively free on my own store, you can download this free ebook here.

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