Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Content Update For An Ebook Title: An Amy Mouse Story

An Amy Mouse Story has been updated to version 1.0.1 to fix the following issues with this ebook published since years ago.


  • Copyright page has been updated with a stricter policy to prevent technological measures from being applied to this material. Included a link to the Fairies Dreams & Fantasy Characters Library for ease of reuse of my fictional characters. Added version number to keep track of versions of a book when updates are applied.
  • Rewrote story to make it easier for viewers to understand a story.
  • Added activity section to end of story for interactivity via multiple choice.
  • Refactored scenes to lengthen stories.
  • Restructured book to have at least 4 chapters inside.

Changes To Ereader Platforms Or Vendors

The following vendors with this update will be added or removed. If you recently bought this book via this vendor; it's strongly recommended to have your current copy updated,--before changes are applied.

Here are the following changes what I'm disclosing for this update to be posted within the few weeks or later:

  • This ebook will be published to select library services for library distribution to help reduce costs of selling ebooks. This is necessary for people in poverty, or families with lack of income. Public libraries will be a preferred distribution channel to help reduce costs.
  • Traditional ebook stores will be no longer necessary to distribute this ebook. People without credit/debit cards have trouble accessing our books to read. Please see removal of vendors section for details.
  • Scribd and other subscription service distribution will be used for readers who subscribe to these services.
  • Price changes will be applied as a way to give people a chance to purchase our ebooks.

Removal Of Vendors

The following vendors will be removed from my distribution list:

  • Apple - this removal of this listing is necessary because, I'll no longer distribute to Apple iBooks as a way to boycott Apple for relying on sweat shop labor, evading taxes, and use anti-consumer practices like not enabling you to repair your own device. If you want to get the most from me via this transition from publishing to Apple iBooks to library distribution, please visit your public library to continue experience. This will also help you save more money.
  • Amazon - this vendor will be used, until April 1st. However; my ebooks being sold to Amazon will be experimented to determine if this vendor is suitable for our works.
  • B*N Nook - this vendor will be removed from my listings when distributing my ebook on December 21, 2020 or 2021. When transition to digital libraries is completed; all books will be available to digital libraries.
  • Inktera - will be delisted.

If library distribution and updates to this ebook is helpful, please sound off at the comments below this post. If you found any of these issues, please contact me via email for support.

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