Thursday, August 27, 2020

I Am No Longer Publishing My Ebooks To Apple iTunes/iBooks

Attention all readers who read my books:

If you were recently or about to purchase ebooks via Apple iTunes/iBooks, these ebooks are saying "good-bye" to Apple iTunes because, we are cutting ties with Apple for epical reasons. This move is necessary to reduce the revenue issues with Apple. We are sunsetting distribution to Apple as a way to encourage our readers to find other channels where are books are being sold. However; this is your last chance to buy our ebooks from Apple iTunes, by late November, 2020; all ebooks being distributed to Apple will be gone forever.

Why We Are Removing Our Ebooks From Apple?

From anti-consumer practices, to "trademark bullying"... we are doing a sysmatic boycott to boycott Apple.

If you were still using any Apple Products, and you wanted to read our books; follow these instructions:

  1. If you have an existing ebook on your Apple Device, varify if our ebook is free of restrictions. For the best results; please update your ebook to a newer version by checking your downloads, or redownload our content.
  2. Before late Nomvember; purchase our ebooks.
  3. Download your copy of our ebook.
  4. After our ebooks leave Apple; be sure to find the another platform to get the best experience with our content. Your ebooks from iTunes will no longer be supported.

If you don't use any Apple Products; you don't need to do any action.

Instructions To Join The #BoycottApple movement As You Read Our Ebooks:

If you are using your Apple Device:

Before you migrate from Apple; be sure to follow these instructions:

  1. Backup your files and your personal data to a service that is not associated with Apple owned services.
  2. Visit your local store to find an alternative to Apple, such as Android devices, Chrome OS devices, and other devices that don't bare an Apple logo.
  3. If you were about to cut ties with Apple; remove your accounts from their servers.
  4. Reset your Apple device after you downloaded our ebooks to your backup device, or uploaded to an alternative to Apple's iCloud.

If you don't use Apple products; you don't need to do any action.

My Thoughts Of Cutting Ties With Apple:

My thoughts with sunsetting distributing ebooks to Apple is like selling a car and taking a bus. Let's break this down about choosing NOT to distribute with Apple:

Distributing to Apple

With Apple; you must have restrictionsto pricing of your ebook like $4.99. With a car; you must pay taxes, and purchase fluids for your vehicle that are toxic to our health. You need to pay for maintenance of your vehicle.

Not Distributing To Apple:

Without Apple; you can sell your ebooks without price restrictions. Taking a bus reduces the risk, and you don't need to buy fluids for this vehicle because, a transit company does all of that heavy lifting.

Please stay tuned for our content updates for our ebooks as we publish more books.

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