Monday, September 15, 2014

New E-book: Wilfred & Nancy and the New House

Hello readers! I've just returned here to present my new E-book: "Wilfred & Nancy and the New House" and I've just finally finished it.

I was currently fixing my book because, I've edited some of these paragraphs that need to be fixed.

Highlights of this E-book:

Wilfred, Nancy, and their family has left the city to move to their new home,--after the landlord was responsible for setting up traps that are built to trap mice. That also makes it difficult for Nancy to navigate in the apartment.

As soon as they had their new home, they're so happy to live in their new house.

Fixes to This E-book:

  • This E-book currently replaces the faulty E-book: Wilfred Goes to School,& Speaks up against bullying. Due to the content that is too difficult for some viewers to read.
  • Expanded the story for longer reading.
  • Fixed alignment to main content of this book, such as paragraph alignments.
  • Fixed some typing errors,--causing some screen-readers to read words that have errors.

This E-book is available at:

If you found some issues, please let me know by leaving comments on this post.

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