Saturday, November 18, 2017

New Ebook: An Amy Mouse Story

Hi readers,
I am proud to release a new book: An Amy Mouse Story on my very own website. And I'm selling my ebook directly on my website because, I've experienced some problems when publishing books on Draft2Digital. I Decided to sell my ebook on my own online store because, it's easier for me to sell my ebooks, and get 100% of my royalties. All proceeds of my ebook sales will fund my website.

You can buy it here at my very own store since I am relying on my own resources to sell my own ebooks.

This is a short story what I was working with since hours ago. I made this short story because, I want to entertain young readers who read short stories before they go to sleep at night. However; this book is for everybody because it has no foul words.

I haven't written a short story for a long while because, I was working with my blogs what I was building, and editing these posts that need some editing. I was so busy, I have to pause blogging on this blog since years ago.

I do have a secondary computer what I usually use for major blogging activities. And I do have a plan to publish more books soon in the future.

Keep in mind... this book is going to be part of an "Amy Mouse series because, this series going to span up to 100 ore more books.


No changes just yet.

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